Snowmobile Tour Barentsburg

Offered by Spitzbergen Adventures

Join us for a trip to our Russian neighbours in Barentsburg.

We will cross snowcovered mountains and wide valleys, drive over a glacier and pass hunting cabins. On the way both to and from Barentsburg we will have several stops and our Guide will explain what you see around you. We can almost guarantee to see reindeer and with luck, there is also the possibility to see seals, grouse or the polarfox.  With a lot of luck we may even get to meet a polar bear. In Barentsburg we are getting served a traditional warm lunch inside the hotel.

We pick you up from your hotel and take you to our changing room. We will give you a safety briefing and get you dressed.  After that we will drive to our snowmobiles and show you how to operate them.

It is very easily picked up and you don’t need any prior experience. During the day we make several stops and you will have the opportunity to take pictures. Our guide will share with you some histories about the place and also advise about driving questions.
The trip to Barentsburg is to be recommended if you would like to bring your kids, since we will warm up inside during lunch. After the lunch you will have the chance for a guided walk around Barentsburg.

You need no prior snowmobile experience for driving. The terrain is flat but also a bit rough.

If you have any food allergies or health issues please let us know before the trip.

For our guests who need glasses we recommend to switch to contacts, if possible, for the tour.

The price includes:

  • Snowmobile
  • Clothes: a warm suit, helmet, face mask (balaclava), gloves and boots
  • Pick up/drop off at your Hotel
  • A warm lunch at the Russian  Hotel in Barentsburg
  • Coffee/Tea and cookies on the way
  • Fuel, Search and Rescue Insurance
  • All necessary safety equipment

Please note: A car driving license is a legal requirement!

Min. 2 fullpaying guests

NOK 3195,- driver
NOK 2195,- passenger

Terms and conditions

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Most flat, rugged terrain


10 hours