Tommy`s Lodge

Exclusive cabin by a Dog Yard

Live simply and in contact with the nature!

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We are located at the first dog yard outside Longyearbyen when you go towards Adventdalen. A 15-20 minutes’ walk from Longyearbyen`s Centrum.

Accommodation that suits those who are looking for a truly Svalbard experience.

Live out in the wilderness, cabin life.

Here we live simply, as back in the old days.

A genuine “Svalbard” overnight!

DSF5824 Tommy Simonsen Resized

If you come during the summer you will experience 24hrs daylight outside, beautiful landscape, and you will maybe see foxes, birds, reindeers nearby our place too.

From mid- May to July a large common eider duck colony comes here to nest around our dog yard and cabins. We count 300-650 ducks every year.

During the winter, the amazing northern lights are often seen from here. The distance from the city lights makes even better to experience “the greenlights-show”.

You can sleep safe here

It is safe to walk from here to town, but we do NOT recommend walking late in the evening or early in the morning to town without any protection when it is dark outside.

During working hours is always possible to ask us if you need a ride to town, we can agree on a time. It is always possible to order a taxi if you prefer.

Sometimes the Polar bear can come nearby town, but as we have dogs, they are very clever to warn us if the Polar bear is nearby our place.

There will always be a person that works with us at the Dog Yard during the night, mostly for supervising the dogs, but also to follow up with our overnight guests in the night, if necessary.

The cabin

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There are two bedrooms at this cabin. There is no running water, so we do not have a shower or any washing facilities, water will be provided in containers for cooking and washing face/hands.

The kitchen is equipped with all you need to cook simple meals.

We offer blanquettes, sheets and pillows to our guests, included in the price.  A cozy outdoor wooden dry toilet is located right in front of the cabin.  Wi-Fi also included.

It is possible to include breakfast or to rent our Turf Hut, not included and must be booked in advance.


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From September to January

Whole cabin (up to 2 guests): NOK 1600,- per night

Price per extra guest after 2, NOK 400,- per night. (max 6 guests)

From February to August

Whole cabin (up to 2 guests): NOK 1800,- per night

Price per extra guest after 2, NOK 450,- per night. (max 6 guests)

Booking and more information:

Mob: +47 94826915