Dogs and Sea – Along the Arctic coast by dog wagon

Arranged by Green Dog Svalbard

This tour starts with a transfer to the coast where our dogs are eagerly waiting for us. Here we’ll harness the 12 – 14 dogs to our wagon. When all the dogs are ready, the tour starts along the coast of the Arctic sea and towards Bjørndalen.

Keep your eyes open – there is a lot of wildlife in this area! On this tour you may see the Svalbard reindeer, the Arctic fox, the local ptarmigan and if you are lucky – seals and possibly walrus or whales in the water! During the nesting periods, birds are in abundance. It’s common to see seagulls, auks, Arctic terns and the cute puffin!

This tour takes us away from the town on a graveled road. After exploring the coastline in the wagon, we’ll drive to the dog yard and return the hard-working huskies to their kennels. While we’re here, we can say hello to the husky puppies, and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in our cabin.

Duration: Approximetely 3 hours all inclusive. The carttrip is around 1 hour,depending on conditions. Pick up from your hotel at 9:30 and 15:30.

PLEASE note that the guide will START picking guests up from the hotels at 9.30/15.30!

Number of participants:  Minimum 1 person /Maximum 6 persons

Clothing : No clothing is provided, but let us know in advance if you need to borrow any warm outdoor clothing.


NOK 1390,- per person.

Children under 12 y-o: NOK 695,-

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3 hours