Halfday Dog Cart Tour

Arranged by Svalbard Villmarkssenter AS

Wanna explore the arctic nature with dogs?

Jump in a troll cart and mush with fluffy athletes across the Arctic land!

You will immerse into a mushing process from the very start. The guide will introduce you to the dogs and explain how to get them ready and build a team for your tour.

You will choose the team players together with the guide and then put them in the line in front of your troll cart.

As soon as the last dog is in place, you’ll see how happy and enthusiastic the doggies are, so it’s definitely time to go!

The way goes across Adventdalen with picturesque mountains around. And that’s how it is: exploring the Arctic with sled dogs evolves you into a proper atmosphere when you can get united with nature and have time to fully admire it. Along the way, there will be short breaks for taking photos and giving dogs to drink.

In the months between May and August, there is a big Eider duck colony nesting around our kennel. It is always fun to watch their behavior and listen to their never-ending chattering.

Price: NOK 1490,- per person

Duration: 3,5 hours
Time: 11:00/16:00

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3,5 hours