Ice Cave Challenge – Glacier hike and climbing

Arranged by Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

The ice caves on Svalbard are long melt water channels from the glaciers during the summer.

When these freeze during the winter it opens up a whole different world inside the glacier with hall’s, frozen water falls, tight passages and ice crystals.

Where the others stop inside the cave we take our rope and climbing gear to explore this magical frozen world further deep into the glacier.

We are happy to offer you the chance to explore the ice cave on the Lars glacier in a different way.

On this trip we’ll take you down into the ice cave with ice axes and ropes geared for ice climbing.

Our climbing guide with necessary safety equipment will belay and assist you on the climb. This is an exclusive session with maximum 4 guests. All climbing equipment is delivered by us. There is no need for any prior climbing knowledge as the guide will show you how ice climbing is done in a thorough and safe way.

For this adventure, you need hiking boots with stiff soles.

Minimum 2 guests and maximum 4 guests. One guest can hire a private climbing guide on request.

Period: November to May

Time: 09:30

Duration: 7 hours

Price: 2460,- per person
Price: NOK 1 500 extra, if only one person

Mininum 2 guests.

The price includes: Transport from/to accommodation, snowshoes, helmet, head light, harness, crampons, something warm to drink, expedition lunch, and guide with necessary safety equipment.

Terms and conditions here!

SWE iceclimbing

SWE iceclimbing 3

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7 hours