ATV Safari i Polarnatten

Arranged by Svalbard Adventures

We point our compass in the direction of the Advent Valley and drive away from artificial light of Longyearbyen behind. Most people don’t notice the light until they enter the darkness.

At this time of year, the sun is below the horizon around the clock. It’s completely dark and there is no difference between day and night.

This period is called the Polar Night and lasts from November until late January.

The darkness creates the perfect backdrop to experience natural light from the moon, stars and maybe also the Northern Lights.

After a briefing about safety and everything you need to know about the vehicle, it’s time to set off into the darkness.

Dog yards, cultural monuments and the former airport are also passed on our way up the Breinosa mountain to the active coal mine, Mine 7.

This is a great spot to chase the Northern Lights and admire the Arctic silence.

On our drive back to Longyearbyen, we visit the dog yard at Svalbard Husky and have a close-up encounter with the huskies.

Hot drinks and biscuits will also be served while the guide shares stories about Svalbard and life in the dog yard.

Please note that all participants must hold a valid driving licence. As off-road motor traffic on ground that is not snow-covered is prohibited pursuant to the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act. We only drive our ATVs on roads where driving is permitted.


Transport to and from hotel, briefing, ATV, fuel, snowmobile suit, special boots, outer mittens, helmet, driving goggles, face mask, coffee and cookies, insurance, tour leader with ATV and safety equipment.

Age limit: 8 years

We require minimum 2 drivers on this trip.


NOK 1690,- per person (driver)

NOK 1290,- per person (passenger)

Terms and conditions here!

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ATV safari polarnatt








3,5 hours