Visit to Coal Mine 3

Arranged by Gruve 3 AS

Have you  ever been in a coal mine before? Join us today and dig deep in the history of Longyearbyen, the miners, all the coal dust and their life in the mountains.

The mine we will guide you through is  number 3 and was the last low drifted mine(the coal layer was between 60 – 90 cm) with production from 1971 – 1996.

We start our tour in a building outside the mountain where we will find the workshops, coaltip stations, blacksmiths place and the lunch room. In the second you enter inside the door you step straight back in the production time, because you see they left everything they had and just walked out when they closed.

That makes everything around very authentic. You will feel that there is still life in the building and you can also get the chance to test a true miners life with crawling through a stoll(small tunnel).

In the end of the tour we enter the mountain and walk down the dark tunnel. Here we turn on the lamps and walk 250 meter down.

On our way down we will see lines of coal in the mountain where you can pick a piece with you as a memory. At the end we walk into a side tunnel and at the end there we will see the entrance for the old seed vault.

Nordic Gene bank have made a 100 years project where they storage seeds in a container in mine number 3. They placed it in there in 1984 and we can lead you all the way till the door now.

Time: 9 am and 1 pm (for group bookings we can agree on other times)

How long it takes: 3 hours

Transport: You get picked up and left at your accomodation (we also drive directly to the airport after if necessary)

Equipments: We put on you a suite(lompen), helmet and headlamp.

Language: Norwegian/Scandinavian, english and germany(may – august). OBS! Even if you are a norwegian the trip can be given on english.

Physical claim: This is a tour for everyone! But if you have a high claustrophobia or struggle hard on walking you shouldn’t do this tour.  If you are in use of a wheelchair, contact us.

The mine is cold so dress well. Put on warm jacket/trouser, wool, warm shoes, hat, gloves, scarf and can be smart to bring an extra warm sweater.

Sharpe your ears and look foreword to an histroical and exiting trip in one of Longyearbyens mines. There wouldn’t be any Longyearbyen existing without the coalmining.

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