Snowmobile Safari to the Ice Cave

Arranged by Svalbard Adventures

Did you know that more than 60% of Svalbard is covered with ice? No matter where you travel in Svalbard, it’s hard to avoid seeing a glacier. What does it look like inside these glaciers?

We travel east from Longyearbyen, through the Advent Valley and the neighbouring Helvetiadalen valley to the Tellbreen glacier. Along the way, we stop to gain impressions of the nature and historical landscape. Here in Svalbard, we don’t need to travel far to find exciting and beautiful places to explore.

— A world of narrow passageways, glittering snow crystals, icicles and art formations created by Mother Nature.

On arrival at the Tellbreen glacier, we switch off the snowmobiles, put on our headtorches and head down into the cave. The meltwater channels during the summertime create unique formations and passageways we can explore. These channels change from year to year, adding to the unique experience.

An ice cave can tell us about the history of the climate from the time when Svalbard was free of ice.

Some of the layers of ice in the cave contain air bubbles, the ice in some places is as clear as glass, while the layers are often filled with sediments.

There is a hidden world down here in the cave; a world of narrow passageways, glittering snow crystals, icicles and art formations created by Mother Nature.

A light in the dark

The guide will explain about Svalbard’s fascinating geology. The temperature inside the ice cave is generally around -3 ˚C. Down here, away from the elements, there is no wind and it’s completely dark. We use headtorches to light up the underground landscape to fully appreciate the details in the ice and the enormous ice masses surrounding us. We will serve lunch in the ice cave or up on the glacier, depending on the prevailing weather conditions.


  • Transport to/from accommodation
  • Winter suits, boots, mittens, helmet, googles and balaclava
  • Guide with safety equipment
  • Search and rescue insurance
  • Warm lunch, hot drinks and biscuits


  • A valid driving license for a car, snowmobile or motorcycle is required throughout the whole trip
  • We do not recommend this tour if you are pregnant or have back problems
  • We recommend warm clothing to wear under the winter suit, such as wool underwear, wool socks, thick sweater and extra mittens
  • A small backpack for extra clothing and other items
  • Please state any food allergies or other preferences
  • For participants driving on this excursion, it is required that you speak and understand English or a Scandinavian language.
  • For safety reasons, the route may change due to weather, wind and snow conditions.


NOK 2390,- per person (driver)

NOK 1390,- (passenger)

Terms and conditions here!

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5 hours