ATV Safari

Arranged by Svalbard Adventures

We dress warmly and drive our ATVs into Svalbard’s summer landscape, where deep valleys and high mountains are home to the Svalbard reindeer and polar fox.

We drive our Can-Am Outlander ATVs from Longyearbyen and into Advent Valley, making several stops along the way at historical sites where our guides will share their knowledge and personal insights about the nature, coal mines and culture.

Although we are so far north, the rich fauna here means that wildlife sightings are also possible.

Then on our way back to Longyearbyen, we visit the dog yard at Svalbard Husky and meet dogs with names like Obelix, Nansen, Gandhi and Chaplin as the puppy litters are named after films, books and the like. We take a break along the way and serve coffee, tea and hot toddy.

ATV Safari is available from when the snow melts until the Polar Night arrives in November.

During the summer months from May to August, it’s light around the clock and you can experience the Midnight Sun. If you go on this tour in the autumn, the colourful tundra and snow-covered mountain peaks are not an uncommon sight.

Please note that all drivers participants must hold a valid driving licence.

As off-road motor traffic on ground that is not snow-covered is prohibited pursuant to the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act, we only drive our ATVs on roads where driving is permitted.


Transport to and from hotel, briefing, ATV, fuel, snowmobile suit, special boots, outer mittens, helmet, driving goggles, face mask, coffee and cookies, insurance, tour leader with ATV and safety equipment.

Age limit: 8 years

We require minimum 2 drivers on this trip.


NOK 1590,- per person (driver)

NOK 1190,- per person (passenger)

Terms and conditions here!

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3,5 hours