Brewery visit

Arranged by Svalbard Bryggeri

Svalbard Brewery was established in 2011 and we served our first beer in August 2015 here in Longyearbyen.

After nearly six years of efforts to change the law from 1928, which prohibited production of alcohol on Svalbard, ended with success.

Do you want a different experience? Then we recommend a visit to Svalbard Brewery. Taste locally produced beer containing 2000 years old glacial water from Bogerbreen on Svalbard.

Experience the amazing story of pilot and former mine worker Robert Johansen when he decided to build a brewery in this Arctic icescape. How did the idea come around? How could it become a reality? How much patience, persistence and madness is necessary to carry out such a mission?

We also offer a guided tour in the brewery, share info about our brewing process, and of course; a taste of the world’s only Arctic beer. Souvenirs for sale.

Local information

Please check the with the Govenor of Svalbard for vital information regarding your stay on Svalbard, whether it is regarding the special toll free regulations or other matters of interest or necessity.

Period: All year around

Price: NOK 449,- per person. (incl. tasting of five beers)

New price from January 2024*: NOK 475,- per person

Duration: 1,5 hour

Time: 18:00

Age limit: All particpants must be over 18 years old.

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