Photo safari – Svalbard`s Nature & Wildlife on your lenses

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This tour focuses on watching, photographing and the guide is an experienced nature guides.

On this Photo Safari exclusive tour, we will offer you a perfect and genuine experience. Our focus is to give you time and opportunities for photography in our Arctic environment.

Firstly we will pick you up, and afterwards, we will take you to the rich bird and animal life in and around Longyearbyen.

We are only using the areas close to, in and around Longyearbyen, on our daily trips. Photography is our specialty and we will show you the very best spots in and around Longyearbyen. With limited number of participants, from 1 up to 3 person, therefore this trip is more exclusive.

What we will do, the duration of the tour, start and end, what we meet out there and not least depending on whether and the wildlife.

Always taking the weather conditions into account, we will try to find the best places for you to capture images of nature and wildlife. We know where you can have great experiences and where you can capture your “best shot,”. Using the car as a base, but our tours will involve short and longer hikes to find the right spots. As a result, this effort will encrease our chances to see and experience the amazing bird and animal life in the sorroundings.

On our winter tours, the focus is solely on nature, Arctic foxes, Svalbard reindeer, and Svalbard ptarmigans (which are difficult to find from November to January).

In April, the snow bunting, eider ducks, king eiders, and guillemots also arrive in the bird cliffs. Geese arrive in mid-May, and during May, waders, divers, and several other bird species also arrive. Arctic foxes start shedding their fur in early May and don’t have their lovely summer coats until late June.

Price: NOK 2950,- per person.
Duration: 5,5 hours
Price includes transport from/to accommodation, warm drink and biscuits

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