Wildlife Safari: 2 day snowmobile expedition to the East Coast

Arranged by Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

Our 3 day snowmobile expedition offers a concentrated Svalbard experience.

As a part of a small group, you will travel over the vast glaciers to the east coast of Spitsbergen and Mohnbukta.

In the realm of polar bears, you will feel truly alone in the great wilderness far from civilisation.

The arctic winter landscape and wildlife have always had a magical attraction for humans.

With its 61,000 square kilometers, Svalbard offers enormous areas of untouched arctic nature.

Here it is the arctic fox, the Svalbard reindeer, the seals and the polar bear that rule. If we as humans are to get a taste of this arctic wilderness, snowmobiles and sufficient time will be of great help.

During the three days our Wildlife Safari lasts, we will have enough time to get the feeling of being part of this magnificent arctic nature.

We will also have good opportunities to experience polar bear country on the east coast of the island of Spitsbergen.

Our experienced and locally known guides will arrange for this to be an experience of a lifetime. Both through the dissemination of local history, nature experiences and not least the Arctic wildlife.

Accommodation is done in the trapper’s way – cramped but pleasant, in our cabin (11m2) in the heart of Fulmardalen, 25 km from the East coast.

Period: February to April
Time: 08:00
Duration: 3 days
Price: NOK 19 785,- per person

General information:

The execution of the trip may vary some from the description. Due to weather conditions, we may choose to drive longer or shorter trips than what has been described for each day. There is a fairly high chance of seeing polar bears on the trip, but we can not issue any form of guarantee. The guide will at all times evaluate and adjust the route according to the weather and snow conditions.

Demands of participants:

Drivers licence for snowmobile (car/motorcycle is also valid). This you will need to bring along at the trip. Previous experience of snowmobiling is not necessary, as the guide will teach and supervise you. We offer snow mobile insurance with deductible NOK 6000,-. If you want to sign your own insurance before arrival, feel free to do it.

Included in price:

Transport to/from your accommodation, personal snowmobile, suitable clothing, food, accommodation in the field, experienced guide with necessary safety equipment. The price does not include a sleeping bag. Sleeping bag might be rented for NOK 600,-

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SWE 2 days East Coast

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3 Days


19 785,-